29 giugno 2012

SPECTRA interface

L'interfaccia SPECTRA è una scheda multifunzione progettata per l'utilizzo con uno Spectrum 16K o 48K.
La scheda non funziona con uno Spectrum 128K.


  • SCART connectivity using RGB to provide a clearer, brighter, more stable and better centred picture than that achievable using the standard TV connection.
  • Sound output through the television speaker(s).
  • New display modes,  providing  up to 64 colours,  increased vertical  colour resolution and multiple paged screens.
  • Kempston compatible joystick socket, with support for auto-fire joysticks.
  • ZX Interface 1 compatible RS232 serial port.
  • ZX Interface 2 compatible ROM cartridge socket (optional fit).
  • Onboard 16K ROM to override or extend the Spectrum’s ROM (optional fit).
  • Reset button.
  • Rear gold plated full width edge connector.

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