24 dicembre 2012

SAE - Scripted Amiga Emulator

Emulatore Amiga in puro Javascript e HTML5! Ovviamente è richiesto un PC potente ed è consigliato il browser Chrome. Internet Explorer non supportato!


 A very fast computer
 A browser capable of HTML5 with:
 Typed arrays
 FileReader (GUI)
 A ROM: Amiga Kickstart 1.x-2.04 (not included for copyright reasons)
 AROS Kickstart (included)
 And a bunch of ADF-files to test (optional)

 Make Amiga Classic Emulation available for browsers.
 Easy integration into websites.
 API for control from background, useful e.g. for a demo-player.
 Browsers-plugins should not be required, just HTML5 and javascript.

Possible usage
 Playing games
 Browser benchmark

Link: http://scriptedamigaemulator.net/

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